Plant-Based Fast Snack Ideas

Plant-Based Fast Snack Ideas

So, if you’ve recently gone plant based, or are just looking to up your snack-game, it can seem like, “what can I eat”?!

When we first went vegan a few years back, I remember feeling like I wasn’t going to find stuff to snack on, or enjoy. It actually made me kind of sad. I thought I was going to be relegated to a life of salads, or would forever bringing just hummus to parties.

There are TONS of plant-based snacks–sweet, salty, dip-able. Some are healthier than others, of course, but here is our go-to list for items to snack on. If you want more ideas, check out the Accidentally Vegan list. You might be surprised!

-Hummus & crackers, carrots, celery, pita chips

-Peanut & almond butter with everything!

-Toasted bread topped with bruschetta topping

-Chips & salsa

-Nuts, nut mixes, and trail mixes

-Snack bars such as Luna, Lara, Kind, Clif (there are like a billion of these out now–many that are vegan)

-Girl scout cookies (Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Thanks-A-Lots, Lemonades!!!)

-Oreos & Nutter Butters

-Graham Crackers

-Cereal & almond milk

-Ben & Jerry’s Dairy Free options!


-Popcorn (plain, or Skinnypop, and several other pre-packaged types)

-Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

-Plain potato chips, corn chips (watch out for dairy in some salt & vinegar, and other flavors you wouldn’t guess have dairy, or animal ingredients)

-Sunflower seeds


-Watermelon Seeds

-Fruits and veggies (duh)

-Avocado toast

-Daiya slices and crackers



-Pretzels and mustards

-Fruit leather

-Dried fruits and vegetables

-Veggie chips

This list is in no way comprehensive, but at least gives you a few ideas to start with snacking. Please let me know–what’s your favorite plant-based snack? How do you fuel up?

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