ALL-STAR TEACHERS AWARD | Samuel Huber and Ecology Runner

ALL-STAR TEACHERS AWARD | Samuel Huber and Ecology Runner

MLB – All-Star Teachers Award:

Samuel Huber was presented with the MLB All-Star Teachers Award. He has taught physical education for nine years. His motto is, “walk what you talk.” He founded the Eco Runner movement and is a spokesman for environmentalism and personal responsibility. He’s been featured in publications including Runner’s World, Fitness, Smucker’s Naturally Powered By You and Newton Running’s Hello Better campaign. He was UW-Green Bay’s Outstanding Alumni in 2010 and holds B.A.’s in both education and environmental policy and planning.

The Brewers fan leads students in an annual Eco Walk and coaches Grafton HS freshman golf and intramurals. He founded a district-wide geocaching program, combining science, gym and literacy. He is launching Kids Fit 52, partnering with local businesses, with a new activity each week to fit interests and abilities. With weekly goals, students are fitness ambassadors to their family and community. Individual focus on the whole student is what makes Mr. Huber successful. As gym teacher, Samuel sees each student in the school. Last year, when a second grader had behavioral issues, the gym was a place to expel energy. Mr. Huber developed a rapport with him, and the student became his “special helper,” eagerly assisting in gym. The child’s self-esteem, attention and academics all benefited positively.

Why Samuel roots for the Brewers:

“I am a Brewers fan because of the defining characteristics that set them apart — the voice of Uecker, racing sausages, Hank the dog, Miller Park, Bernie Brewer and a fan base with team and community spirit that just won’t quit!”


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