Awesome Podcasts to Keep You Entertained and Informed

Awesome Podcasts to Keep You Entertained and Informed

Awesome podcasts are a perfect way to fill the quiet void of your free time, all while keeping you entertained and informed. Sam loves to listen to podcasts when he runs. Also, we check out podcasts when we’re cleaning the house or just hanging out and working on projects.

Usually we listen to social topics, psychology, history and biographies. Plus, I love podcasts that make you think.

The “Awesome Podcasts” List

There are tons of amazing podcasts out there, but these are some of our very favorites:

Sam Harris:

Social topics, politics and things that make you THINK.


Psychology, different-ways of thinking about ordinary things.


Curiosity, exploration of a huge range of topics.


The podcast of invisible things.


Gripping season-long stories of crimes.

This American Life:

The original awesome podcast of stories and current events.

Modern Love:

Funny and interesting love stories.

Popaganda/Back Talk:

Feminist takes on pop culture, social and current events.

Living on Earth:

Environmental and earth topics.

TED Radio Hour:

TED talks galore.

Food for Thought:

Exploring vegan food & living.

I love that podcasts make you think about new topics and explore the world in a different way. And, it beats binging on Netflix for feeling productive. So, the next time you’re looking to get smarter on your commute, while you work or when you’re hanging around the house, check out a one of our awesome podcasts!

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