Foodie Friday: Best Vegan Cookies

Foodie Friday: Best Vegan Cookies

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Every Friday we’ll feature something to do with food–recipes, reviews and ideas! This week I wanted to talk about the BEST vegan cookies at the store.

So, we’re kind of into treats, because really–even if you work out and try to be all healthy, what’s life without some sweetness? Pretty much every night we have some sort of treat after dinner–candy, a little bowl of ice “cream” (more on that later)…or cookies.

I have lots of cookie recipes I love (including the cookies that won Sam over when we were first dating), but sometimes I crave a big soft, store-cookie. You know the type? Back in college (pre-vegan, less healthy) I used to buy them in the vending machines between classes. I’d devour them while listening to lectures on political science, or humanities….nom nom nom.

So once I started to get more into healthy eating, weight loss, and bein’ all eco-friendly, I kind of figured my junk food vending machine cookie days were behind me. Then one day at our local co-op, Outpost I discovered Alternative Baking Company’s Luscious Lemon Poppyseed cookies and oh my gosh–life changing moment.

The Best Vegan Cookies

So, of the flavors they offer I like the Double Chocolate Decadence, and Luscious Lemon Poppyseed the best. The Snickerdoodle is a seasonal flavor, but it’s also to die for. The more classic flavors like Colossal Chocolate Chip are also super awesome.

What I love about these cookies is that they don’t taste like a “healthy cookie”. They taste like a real live, freakin’ cookie. They’re soft, and have a great texture. They’re rich, and chewy in texture. They taste like fancy gourmet cookies, and they’re amazing. They can be a little pricey (around $2.00 each) but they’re filling, and Sam and I can split one and feel totally satisfied.

Second to homemade, these are totally my favorite, and they’re like having a special treat! I highly recommend them, especially if you don’t have time, or aren’t into baking but really want a serious vegan cookie.

Where They’re From & How to Find

So, if your local grocery or health food store doesn’t carry them you can also order them online on Amazon:  Alternative Baking Company. They’re based in Sacramento, CA, but we have no problem finding them here in Wisconsin. If you order them, you have to order in quantities of 15, so split it with a friend (or keep them all–I know I’d want to).

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