Drop the Electronics and Connect with Nature

Drop the Electronics and Connect with Nature

There’s no peace quite like the sense of peace and wellbeing that nature can bring us. When we’re outdoors getting fresh air, we are increasing our levels of Vitamin D, we’re getting healthier and we’re connecting with the world around us.

Whether you’re enjoying nature through walking outdoors, spending time in the garden, or playing with your pets, it’s important that we connect with the organic world around us.

So much of our time is spent in front of electronics, being sedentary and sitting in indoor offices, that we can start to lose touch if we don’t take time to step outside and reconnect with the temporal world around us.

The light emitted from electronics can affect our sleep and concentration. Our eyes can get strained from staring at computer screens too long. We can get carpel tunnel from typing and using our mouse.

Being sedentary can result many health issues, like cancers, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and anxiety. Scary!

To combat this sedentary, indoor blah, we must get outdoors and connect with the living world.

  1. Play with Pets

It’s no secret that we love our furbabies here in the Eco Runner household, in fact, we’re kind of obsessed. Our pets bring us so much joy, and keep us healthy and happy, and thinking of more ways to improve our lifestyle in order to keep them safe and healthy.

Take your dogs for a walk, or play at the park. Spend some snuggle time with your kitties and grow some cat grass or nip for them to munch on. Take time to brush and groom your pets and look over them for any signs of illness, changes in their behavior or concerns.

  1. Garden or Grow to Connect with Nature

Get outside and play in the dirt! If you want to connect with nature, or be reminded of the beauty of our world, plant something. Even if you don’t have a yard or a garden plot to play in, you can plant a little something in a pot in your home to enjoy as well.

Indoor plants help clean the air and improve the quality of our indoor spaces. Plus they really spruce up your environment and are a great way to decorate your home for very little money. You can plant beautiful edible herbs and lettuces in a kitchen window, hang a pothos in your bathroom or put up a snake plant in your window.

  1. Eat Some Green

Another way to connect with nature? Enjoy some of the bounty of the earth by eating some yummy fruits and veggies! We often forget to really think about our food and where it comes from–we just sort of shovel it in and go.

Preparing, cooking and enjoying fruits and vegetables helps us gain a greater appreciation for all the different foods the world has to offer us. If fruits and veggies seem boring, it’s time to rethink them! Culinary experts are cooking up some amazing plant-based dishes. Think about it–steak always tastes like steak, but if you can cook up a cauliflower, or cabbage to taste just as satisfying? Well, then you’re truly an artist and a chef. Veggies and fruit present us with an array of tastes, textures and culinary experiences. For great ideas look online, or search magazines like Thrive that offer great ideas for cooking fruits and veggies.

  1. Support Environmental Causes

There are some great environmental causes that really need our support to do their great work! If you want to feel like a million bucks, support a cause (even if it’s just $20). You’ll instantly feel like you’re making a difference and having an impact on the world around you.

For some ideas of where to give, consult Charity Navigator or Guidestar which are like Better Business Bureaus for nonprofits. They can help you determine which causes are putting their money where their mouth is, and making the most impact.

If you aren’t ready to give money, consider giving of your time. You can make a huge difference by volunteering for your local community garden, helping out a CSA farm, or helping out at an animal shelter.

  1. Try a New Sport

If you’re feeling bored with the treadmill, and sick of being indoors, bundle up and try an outdoor activity. You can try sledding or snowshoeing and get in a huge work out that won’t even feel like work. If you think you’d enjoy skiing, ice-skating or snowboarding, sign up for a lesson and give it a try.

If you can’t afford lessons, or aren’t sure you’re ready for that level of commitment, simply get on your boots and go for a little winter walk. Head to your nearest park, or go to a nature preserve. Here in Wisconsin we have several great spots, the Schlitz Audubon Center, the Wehr Nature Center, the Mequon Nature Preserve and the Urban Ecology Center, just to name a few. Check out your local nature center to get outdoors, hike and connect with the world around you!

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