How to Drink More Water & Stay Hydrated

How to Drink More Water & Stay Hydrated

Do you drink enough water? Do you always stay hydrated? I know I don’t always drink as much as I should….

When I skip (or forget) to drink water, I always feel a little sluggish and parched. Water is the essence of life. It keeps our skin looking healthy. It keeps things flowing properly through our body and helps you move food and nutrients throughout your body.

You know what, though? Water is pretty darned boring. I try to carry a water bottle wherever I go, and Sam is really good at making sure he constantly has water with him. Still, sometimes I just don’t feel like drinking it.

So what are some ways you can make water a little more exciting and delicious? Plus, ensuring you’re getting your 8 glasses in each day.

Add Flavors

I used to add those little liquid drop things to my water to stay hydrated, but some of them taste pretty “chemically” and are a little weird…It feels sort of wrong to add something so fake to something so natural and important (that said if it’s the only way you enjoy water, then go for it).

Now I try to add lemon to my water, lime, or even a few drops of essential oils (like peppermint, lemon, lime or even ginger). The added burst of flavor makes water taste a lot better and makes it interesting and feel special.

If you’re needing something a little more exotic or fancy, try adding fruits and veggies like oranges, blueberries, strawberries or cucumber. You can also add herbs–fresh mint, stevia, lemon balm or other herbs can make water taste much more interesting. If you really want to amp things up, add herbs along with the fruit.

Try it Hot

Tea is still mostly water! If you aren’t into drinking water, try sipping a few hot glasses of herbal teas every day. Black or green tea give you a little caffeine boost and can also be refrigerated and enjoyed cold as well.

If you could do without the caffeine, there are SO many herbal teas to check out. Rishi Tea’s Cinnamon Plum is my all time favorite. It seriously smells like Christmas, and is so warming and delicious. Yogi Tea makes all sorts of amazing teas, naturally sweetened by licorice root, stevia and other flavors to make amazing and delicious blends.

Even if you aren’t so into tea, you can enjoy water hot with a little lemon and some maple, honey, or just plain. It’s really comforting and hot water still counts as water. We love our electric kettle, and use it to heat up water all the time. It makes tea in no time at all, and is easy to use.

Water Alternatives to Stay Hydrated

There are tons of alternatives if you really don’t enjoy plain, flat water. Try seltzer (we LOVE La Croix with it’s “retro 80’s” cans and awesome flavors). You can also buy plain seltzer and add syrups like Torani, or fruit, lemon or essential oils.

Have you tried Bai? We are Bai fanatics! They come in tons of flavors, and have natural ingredients. The coconut flavor is the bomb!

Other options worth trying are bottled teas, and kombucha. GT Kombucha is my favorite national brand, and locally we get Tapuat, which is from Sister Bay Wisconsin, and available in growlers at out local co-op.

No matter what you have to do to get yourself to drink water, do it! Water is really really good for you and helps you have more energy, avoid headaches, avoid feeling hungry and helps to keep your mind sharp.

Drink up!

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