MONTREAL DOG BLOG Feature | Eco-running with your Pooch!

MONTREAL DOG BLOG Feature | Eco-running with your Pooch!

Montreal Dog Blog:

We at the Dog Blog live behind a school.  We love the fact that there is a lot of room and paths to take the dogs for a walk.  I am often discouraged by the amount of garbage in the playing field-plastic bottles, containers, wrappers, cans and the list goes on.  It disturbs me and I have been known to pick up a few things along the way and put them in my recycling bin at home – leash in one hand, garbage collection in the other. Call me eco-conscious!!:) I recently found out about a man named, Samuel Huber-who takes this idea beyond a casual activity.

Samuel is the founder of Ecology Runner. He is on a mission to promote responsible running by combining the action of running with picking up trash along the way.  He believes it is a great way to combine passion and purpose!!! I like it!

Several months ago (wow..time sure flies when you are having fun!) I decided that I would take up running.  I think it is great exercise and I imagine being like Oprah one day and actually completing a 5K!  But since I am passionate about the environment, this concept makes sense, adds variety and I can also take the dog…he gets some exercise and he is quite an amazing picker upper!

How Do You Eco-Run

If you want to be an eco-runner, all you need is a biodegradable bag and the desire to pick up trash you see along your normal running/ jogging/ walking route. I picked the school, because it is a place that kids play and dogs roam.  I also do not have to go that far to unload since there are many recycling bins in the side of the school.  Bailey and I have collected many things along the way.  I actually think it is amazing for the abs! It is definitely important to maintain a motion and get that heart rate up.  Get the dog to help but don’t forget why you are out there!  I only started but I already feel that I have an additional purpose to fulfill.  Believe me…I need all of the incentives I can get!  I am also not eco-running at this point..maybe more like an eco-jogging or eco-walking!  The cool thing about this concept is we can all go at our own pace!

If you do take the dog, and I suggest you do, remember a few things:

  • Take breaks
  • Carry biodegradable poopie bags
  • Make sure you have water available.
  • Pick areas that will not cause injury to dog’s paws ( i.e. concrete)
  • Keep an eye on your dog and watch for limps, excessive panting/salvation
  • Start off slow and build on momentum, distance , and intensity
  • Older dogs (like Bailey) need more breaks.
  • Not all breeds can go at the same pace so make sure to do your research.

Eco-running ( or other forms) is a great way to get exercise for both you and your dog, to do something to help the environment and a wonderful opportunity to bond with your pet.  It may not be the best form of training for that future marathon but it there is no doubt that it will make you feel so much better in a variety of ways!

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