2017 “Fit-Mas” Holiday Fitness Challenge

Fit-Mas Holiday Challenge


We are so happy you have chosen to be a participant in the Ecology Runner Fit-Mas Holiday Challenge! Our goal is to help you get through the holidays as healthy as possible. Below you will find the complete list of program details.

Ready. Set. Go:

The Fit-Mas Challenge officially begins on Wednesday, November 1st, but you can start anytime from the point you register through the end of the year. The program is completely FREE, so join in on the fun. 

Here’s How the Fit-Mas Challenge Works:

The challenge runs from November 1st to January 1st, or 61 days. The goal is simple: a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day. Each day you exercise for 30-45 minutes you earn 1 point, any exercise 45-60 minutes earns 2 points, and any exercise over 60 minutes earns 3 points. All activity counts. Walking, Running, Cycling, Weight Lifting, Elliptical, Cross-country skiing, etc…… It’s all about MOVING!

Your goal at the end of the week is up to you! But we are aiming for a minimum of 7 points, and whatever you decide to do above that number is based on your weekly aspirations. The top point earner(s) who post their total on the private Fit-Mas Holiday Facebook Group or the Fit-Mas Google Doc will receive prizes as follows:

Tracking Your Exercise:

We’ve created two options for you to track your workouts, progress, and points.

  1. If you would like to track your progress on a printed version, you can download it HERE.
  2. For members interested in tracking on our public Google Doc, an editable version of the Tracking Sheet is HERE. We suggest (but do not require) adding yourself to the Google Doc. You are allowed to use a Nickname/Alias if you don’t want to use your real name, but either way, it is fun and motivating to see the progress of the group.

Private Ecology Runner Fit-Mas Challenge Page:

We have created a special Facebook Group for all of our participants. This group page is your destination to post your workouts, your goals, your point totals, and encourage others. Make sure you click this link and join here.

“I get by with a little help from my friends…:” 

All participants are here to encourage each other on the Fit-Mas Facebook Group Page. Here is an example post:  

My goal for the week was 8 points.  I planned a nightly walk as soon as I got home for 30 minutes, and hoped for a longer walk on the weekend. I accomplished my goal and more, reaching 10 points! So cool! Does anyone want to plan a group goal with me for next week?

We find this portion of the program essential. Typically, what motivates us is the fact that we are all in this together. You are not alone, and someone will be there to lift you up if you feel down. Post your progress, your goals, and cheer each other on. Find a partner, or a group, to set goals together and do virtual races. Get to know people from all over the world with like-minded goals. Also, invite your friends, family, and coworkers to join in on the challenge. The more the merrier!

Facebook Feed:

By the way, posts to the Facebook Group will show up in your News Feed.  Some of you like the updates and find them motivating, others find all of the posts to be ‘too much.’ If you are in the latter of mind, please follow these directions:

Go to the Facebook Group Page and click on the “Notifications” button (as shown below).  From here, you can select what you would like to see, or turn off notifications completely.

Be a Good Facebook Groupie!

We’ve created the Fit-Mas Facebook Group to:

#1: Share weekly goals, daily/weekly achievements, photos of yourself/friends working out, inspiration to others, etc.

#2: Motivate and cheer each other on. Help others be their best self and avoid temptations the holidays will certainly throw our way.

#3: Meet new people with similar goals. You can plan types of workouts, point goals, private challenges, virtual races, etc together and take part in the power of social engagement to reach your goals.

#4: Be positive, polite, respectful. Stay on Santa’s “Good” List.

#5: Update you on anything relevant to the challenge. Recognize weekly participants. Answer questions. Etc.

*Please read the Universal Facebook Group Rules for full guidelines.

Weekly Emails:

Please make sure you sign up for our newsletter. You can easily sign up by clicking HERE. Or, by visiting ecologyrunner.com and entering your email address in the box as seen below on our homepage.

Each Monday, we send updates regarding our recent blog posts, challenge updates, weekly winners, and tips to make the holiday season the best it can be. It’s always helpful to add us as a contact so our emails end up in your inbox or promotions folder, and not spam.

Monthly Virtual Races:

This is one of our favorite parts of the challenge, the Virtual Race! During the final seven days of November (24th-30th) and the final seven days of December (25th-31st), members can choose to participate in a Fit-Mas Challenge Virtual Race. You choose the day, the activity (walking, running, cycling, etc), and the distance (5k, 8k, 10k, 10-mile, Half-Marathon, etc). Create your route using MapMyRun or an app/map of your choice. Ask friends to join you, ask fellow Fit-Mas members to do the same ‘Race’ as you, and challenge each other. You can print off the official Fit-Mas Virtual Race Bib for race day or for your race bib collection. We will also customize your Virtual Race Bib with your name, race distance, and favorite number upon request (gogreen@ecologyrunner.com).

All participants in a Virtual Race will receive 5 points to add to their total. It’s always motivating to workout when you have something to train for and look forward to. The Virtual Race does just that!

Pass It On:

We believe joining the challenge with as many people in your circle (family, friends, co-workers, etc) makes the experience even more motivating and enjoyable. Share the Fit-Mas Holiday Challenge with anyone you think would love to participate. Challenge each other, workout together, race together, make a ‘Team,’ and inspire each other. Of course, you can meet a bunch of people you don’t know in the challenge, but sometimes it’s fun to have an ‘accountabila-buddy’ close by.

We are super excited to start this challenge with you! We are here for you and are so happy you’ve decided to join in on the fun. Please let us know if you have any other questions, thoughts, or concerns [gogreen@ecologyrunner.com]. It’s time to MOVE!

All the best from the Ecology Runner elves,

Sam and Jen Huber