Workout Wednesday | Holiday Exercise Ideas

Workout Wednesday | Holiday Exercise Ideas

Finding the time to squeeze in a workout (so you can still squeeze into your pants) over the holidays is always a struggle. That being said, YOU CAN DO IT! We’ve found some really quick, simple, and fun ways to enjoy yourself, splurge a little, but also get some great holiday exercise.

The secret is keeping it simple! Add speed to your regular daily activities, wear a pedometer to track your steps, and play in the snow with your kids instead of watching them from the window. Here’s our list of activities to try out:

  • Park far away at shopping trips
  • Walk fast and skip the escalator between stores
  • Go sledding and play in the snow with your family and friends
  • Take your family skiing or ice skating
  • Take a family walk after meals
  • Do a quick workout at your hotel exercise room or pool
  • Check your local area for a Santa/Holiday Run
  • Do pushups or run in place between commercials
  • Shovel snow for a session instead of bringing out the snowblower
  • Run around your house as a family a couple times a day; be creative and silly

Quick Holiday Exercise Videos:

In addition, we’ve found some quick YouTube workout for you to try:

Okay, there you have it! Give a few of these ideas a try, and remember to relax and stay in the moment. Happy Holidays from us at Ecology Runner!

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