Meet Jen & Sam

Welcome to Ecology Runner! A site dedicated to physical fitness, nutrition, and environmental sustainability. Ecology Runner, or Eco-Runner, is a site created, written, and managed by Jen and Sam Huber.

This is what you need to know about us:

Meet Us:

Jen Huber: A strong desire to help those in need, and a passion for politics, writing, and working with people has driven Jen throughout her life. Starting out as a supervisor at a political polling firm, and editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper, Jen was voted in her senior yearook “future editor of a feminist magazine.” Unfortunately there were not a large number of hiring Ms offices in Salt Lake City, and the print industry was dwindling. So she packed her bags and escaped Utah by way of New York, and finally landed in Wisconsin.

There, Jen received with Honors, her B.A. degree in Community Leadership and Non-Profit Management from Alverno College while working as the Office Manager of a Lobbying and Public Relations Firm. Once she finished the degree, and caught up on years of lost sleep, she decided to escape the glamorous for-profit world, and slowly, (sometimes painfully) pay off her student loans by working with children at a non-profit private academy as a Director of Development.

“Ms. Jen,” as the academy students call her, follows the philosophy of her grandmother – “No rest for the wicked” (or was it “expectations breed disappointment”?…Grandma was full of ‘em). In between her day job, writing for Ecology Runner, consulting for the lobbying firm and ghost-writing for Post By Ghost, she runs, crafts, and loves on her six fur-babies—two pugs, Frankie & Tatanka and four cats, Lyla, Madie, Zuzu and Rodger. This year her goal is to run an entire 10k, and pay down her debts (debt-free in five years!), have a successful garden, consume less, reuse more and be an example of green-living . She cooks gourmet vegan meals, collects lost souls, tiny glass animals, and loves all things retro and/or cute.

Sam Huber: Sam cannot stop moving. Rest and boredom are hard to come by. In a nutshell, he’s a husband, father (to six pets), educator, exerciser, writer, activist, outdoor enthusiast, graphic pug-artist, vegan, clean freak, and summertime pool boy.

Sam created Ecology Runner 1.0 in 2007. An avid runner, Sam decided to take his runs to a new environmental level by cleaning up litter while he ran. This simple act made viral waves across the Internet, creating a movement Sam coined Eco-Running. In the coming years, Eco-Runner would inspire race directors across the world to adopt the Ecology Runner theme: a leave no trace event with the lowest carbon footprint possible. These included the Carlsbad Marathon (US), the Sierra-Cascade Adventure Race Series (US), the Tarawera Ultra (New Zealand), the Royal Raid (Mauritius), and the Oxfam Trailwalker (Australia).

Sam has also served as an official spokesperson for the Smucker’s ® Natural Peanut Butter ™ Simple Choices Simply Powered By You Campaign and a model for Newton Running’s Hello Better Campaign. His Ecology Runner articles have appeared in Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Runner’s World US and UK, Reuters, Milwaukee Magazine, and Fox News.

Ecology Runner 2.0 is the website you are visiting today. Offering ways of living well, eating healthy, keeping fit, and reducing our impact on the earth. We all need to make better choices in what we consume and how we produce and use energy. To reduce our ecological footprint our actions must address the sources of the biggest impacts we humans have on our planet: energy use and eating. You might be surprised to discover that while we all need to make lifestyle changes, saving the planet doesn’t have to mean giving up the things you love.