Motivational Monday | Keep Your Resolutions Going

Motivational Monday | Keep Your Resolutions Going

January’s winding down, but hopefully you’re resolutions are still going strong. If you’re looking for a little inspiration or just something to make you feel the feels, check out this great story about an older runner who got by with a little help from some friends.

Speaking of “feels”, many of us get pretty moody when winter time kicks in. Balance your emotions using exercise and some smart strategies. One great way (besides running) is to try mindfulness meditation. Meditation is found to lower anxiety incidents in patients, and lower body and emotional stress in general.

Working out is of course, another great way to combat the winter blues. This workout will keep you burning calories and feeling good. Diet also plays a huge part in your mood. Perhaps sugar might be making you feel more anxious and stressed? If you think this is the case, try these 9 steps to kick your sugar addiction.

If you’re looking for some good meal ideas to combat the hangries, might we suggest this vegan amazing pizza casserole? This great moroccan chickpea stew from Finding Vegan has plenty of protein to fuel you through your next workout.

Increase your Omega 3’s to raise your good cholesterol. You can get good fats and cholesterol from fatty fish, but after reading this study about the shocking things in our seafood, perhaps you’re looking for some alternative ideas. Never fear–we have a great list of plant-sources to raise your HDL.

Do you ever feel like you’re not a “real runner”? Guess what–all you have to do to be a true runner is to get your shoes on there and hit the pavement or treadmill. Even run-walking is still great for you! Running has been going on for thousands of years–ever since the time of the pharaohs!

Remember there are many things you can do right now to get healthy, change your life, and help the world. There are some actions you can take to help fight climate change. If we all come together like these communities, it’s within our grasp.

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