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In addition to appearances on FOX 6 News-Milwaukee, Ecology Runner has appeared on, an online destination for individuals interested in simple ways to get fit and lead an active lifestyle with videos, tips, and recipes. They have also been featured in various news publications, including SHAPE MagazineFitness Magazine, Runners World US &UKMilwaukee Magazine, Blue Ridge Outdoor Magazine, and the online publications Treehugger and Grist. 


  • Advertising & Site Sponsorship: accepts advertising from family-friendly and topically-related companies or blogs.  Contact for pricing information.
  • Underwritten Post or Series: Sponsor an in-depth post written by us of your choice of topic. These high quality posts generally receive continuing attention on Facebook and Pinterest and are always optimized for great search engine results.  Contact for pricing information.
  • Freelance Writing:  Jen is available for both one-time and regular freelance writing assignments.  She writes on a wide variety of topics, from DIY, to small business and entrepreneurship, to financial advice, to fashion, to health and fitness, to nutrition, to sustainability.
  • Other opportunities:  Sam and Jen are happy to work with your company in original and innovative ways to build a relationship that is mutually beneficial.  They have a proven track record of success with the companies they have worked with, and are open to “outside the box” ideas. Contact to discuss further opportunities.

Ecology Runner supports eco-friendly, sustainable, cruelty-free, animal friendly, vegan, and environmentally responsible businesses and products. If you are interested in teaming up with us, please email us at