Fast & Easy Plant-Based Snack Ideas

Fast & Easy Plant-Based Snack Ideas

Coming up with fast, easy plant-based snack ideas can be kind of challenging. Don’t worry–you don’t need to stick to granola bars and hummus. If you’ve recently gone plant-based, or are just looking to up your snack-game, it can seem like, “what can I eat? Everything out there has dairy, eggs or other ingredients?!” 

When we first went vegan a few years back, I remember feeling like I wasn’t going to find stuff to snack on, or enjoy. It actually made me kind of sad. I thought I was going to be relegated to a life of salads, or would forever bringing just hummus to parties. 

There are TONS of plant-based snack ideas–sweet, salty, dip-able. Some are healthier than others, of course, but here is our go-to list for items to snack on. If you want more ideas, check out the Accidentally Vegan list. You might be surprised!

Easy Plant-Based Snack Ideas

Hummus & crackers, carrots, celery, pita chips

-Peanut & almond butter with everything!

-Toasted bread topped with bruschetta topping

-Chips & salsa

-Nuts, nut mixes, and trail mixes

-Snack bars such as Luna, Lara, Kind, Clif (there are like a billion of these out now–many that are vegan)

-Girl scout cookies (Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Thanks-A-Lots, Lemonades!!!)

-Oreos & Nutter Butters

-Graham Crackers

-Cereal & almond milk

-Ben & Jerry’s Dairy Free options!

-Oatmeal or baked oatmeal bars

-Popcorn (plain, or Skinnypop, and several other pre-packaged types)

-Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

-Plain potato chips, corn chips (watch out for dairy in some salt & vinegar, and other flavors you wouldn’t guess have dairy, or animal ingredients)

-Sunflower seeds


-Watermelon Seeds

-Fruits and veggies (duh)

-Avocado toast

Daiya slices and crackers



-Pretzels and mustards

-Fruit leather

-Dried fruits and vegetables

Veggie chips

This list is in no way comprehensive, but at least gives you a few ideas to start with snacking. Please let me know–what’s your favorite plant-based snack? How do you fuel up?

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2 thoughts on “Fast & Easy Plant-Based Snack Ideas

  1. Love this! Yes, I totally felt the same way! There is milk in everything. One hard thing for me was honey. It isn’t as obvious on the label like milk (because of allergies I assume).

    My favorite snacks are grapes, wheat thins, tortilla chips, potato chips, and a spoonful of peanut butter.

    Also, Biscoff cookie butter is vegan! I about cried when I found out.

    1. ecologyrunner

      Oh, peanut butter, you make the world go ’round. We will have to pick up Biscoff, never tried it, but with the word butter in it it has to be good. Heehee.

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