THE SCOTSMAN Feature | Eco Running

THE SCOTSMAN Feature | Eco Running

The Scotsman:

Samuel Huber, writing at, wants to encourage joggers to “combine their passion with a purpose.” He suggests taking a bag with you when you go running, to collect any rubbish you find along the way.” A movement he’s termed Eco Running.

On the surface it seems both a noble and a silly idea,” remarks Warren McLaren on “It is a worthy thing to be removing pollutants from the wider environment, but why pick up other people’s trash – they’re just gonna throw more, aren’t they? Although, oddly, studies have shown that by cleaning up an area you remove the incentive to contribute to its mess.” “Good idea, but surely a run is a good time to escape the stress and mess of this world?” chips in Drew. “I can’t think of anything worse than getting into a nice rhythm, running along, then continually stopping to pick up other people’s filth.” But for those who aren’t in peak condition, an interrupted run has certain advantages – as a blogger at www.outdoorzy.compointsout. “It would be a good excuse for me to take a breather – yep, here I am at mile four, conveniently at a dump site… guess I’ll have to stand here for ten minutes and pick up trash… Not that I’m being lazy!”

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