SOFT STAR SHOES Feature | Eco Running Interview with Samuel Huber

SOFT STAR SHOES Feature | Eco Running Interview with Samuel Huber

Soft Star Shoes: Eco Running Interview with Samuel Huber

We have very cool customers at Soft Star Shoes – but some are simply off the scale. Meet Sam Huber – founder, editor and on-the-move promoter of “Eco Runner”. Since 2007 Sam has been promoting the concept of combining recreational running with collecting litter along the way. Simple, right? But he goes way beyond his philosophy of personal responsibility by raising awareness on an international scale. In other words – with passion and perseverance, Sam has taken it to “the next level”.

Eco-Runner actively seeks race sponsors to co-host events. Sponsors implement events in more environmentally conscious ways, including earth friendly course markers, hydration stations, waste reduction ideas, etc… incorporating eco-consciousness themes as part of the race philosophy. In this way, Sam spreads his message to thousands of runners annually. Sam has caught the attention of Runner’s World, Fitness Magazine and People’s Health and has helped sponsor Eco-Runner races in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Mauritius. Click here for eco-friendly race ideas or even co-sponsor

suggestions for race sponsors.

In addition, Sam has an Eco-Runner Kids program with participating schools. This program combines physical fitness, environmental awareness, eco-conscious behavior, and green living habits as part of a healthy lifestyle curriculum. For information on how your children’s school can participate, click here.

So who is an Eco-Runner? Says Sam: “Eco-Runners know they can make a difference. They add environmental awareness and sustainability to their list of running goals. They beautify our world while they run.” If you are wary about your small, “insignificant” impact, consider this: last year Sam averaged 5 bags per run, or 1200 bags of trash in just one year. See Sam’s Eco-Runner website for more information on how you can contribute.


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