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Ecology Runner has inspired race directors across the world to adopt the Ecology Runner theme: a leave no trace event with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

A certified green race takes more consideration into environmental factors of planning an event. It takes a substantial amount of effort to organize a race, so making it “green” entails a lot more than hugging trees at each mile.

Council for Responsible Sport defines their purpose as “the many ways event organizers can increase an event’s social benefits while reducing its environmental footprint.” Athletes for a Fit Planet targets runners, businesses and event organizers in order to persuade them to reconsider their daily choices in a more environmentally-conscious manner.

The pledge of sustainability focuses on these main areas:

Save Water
Conservation of water is a key green aspect, especially for intense races in warmer weather. Individuals are asked to bring their own refillable water bottles to refill at water stations rather than bottled water in order to reduce the amount of water waste after the event.

Decrease Carbon Footprint
You may be spending a majority of the race on foot, but racers can pledge to stay green by reducing their carbon footprint as well. Runners who have traveled a far distance in order to participate in the race should be conscious of the environmental impact of their transportation. Event organizers can encourage racers and bystanders to carpool in lieu of using shuttles or separate cars to arrive at the race.

Online Registration
Not only is it more convenient to register for your race online, you’re also saving a few pieces of paper by doing so. Consider the amount of individuals that are signing up for race day – that’s tons of paper gone digital. Nothing is more green than saving the trees.

Skip the Swag
Opt out option of t-shirts and promoting less waste
If you’ve already accumulated dozens of race tees, you may want to skip out on this option when you register. Races that give you the choice to decline the free gear help you decide on whether or not those items are necessary. It’s less wasteful for all parties, including you, the event organizers, and the environment.

Event organizers are given the tools they need in order to make their races as green as can be – which is both responsible and cost-effective. By certifying, organizers have access to databases of green suppliers, caterers, and other partnerships that may result from planning the event.

Races across the United States have taken the pledge and can be found on Athletes For A Fit Planet’s website. If you’re searching for an environmentally-friendly race to partake in, the website offers a directory of all-distance green events.

Also, take the Athlete Eco-Pledge and become a green runner.

Past Ecology Runner Themed Races Throughout the World:

  • Carlsbad Marathon (US)
  • Portland Marathon (US)
  • Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon (US)
  • Big Sur International Marathon (US)
  • Sierra-Cascade Adventure Race Series (US)
  • Tarawera Ultra (New Zealand)
  • Royal Raid (Mauritius)
  • Oxfam Trailwalker (Australia)