Yummy, Quick and Easy Vegan Tacos

Yummy, Quick and Easy Vegan Tacos

One of our favorite dinners is vegan tacos! We LOVE to make taco bowls, softshell, and hardshell tacos, and have come up with tons of plant-based combos to fit the bill!

When it comes to vegan tacos, you can pretty much mix and match any and every type, but there are one or two we end up with as our go-to combinations because they’re so so good.

If you’re looking for a diner that will pretty much please everyone, taste great, and come together fast, then vegan tacos are where it’s at. They’re great for people who are strictly plant-based, and those who just like a good taco. Your omni friends will love them. Your mom will love them. Everyone will love them. Tacos are the ultimate crowd-pleasing food.

The other thing about tacos is that they’re super easy to make. You can throw a taco together with very few ingredients, or you can really get creative and gourmet. If you only have some soy crumbles or avocado on hand, you can still enjoy an awesome taco. You can even use up leftovers by turning the into taco options!

A note: Watch out for store-made packets of taco seasoning, if you’re strictly vegan, as many contain dairy. We use Penzey’s Chipotle seasoning, and a little bit of cumin and it works great).

Step 1: First, Start with:

Corn tortillas (vegan)

Flour tortillas (vegan)

Whole wheat tortillas (vegan)

Corn chips

Hard shell tacos

Or go with a Naked Burrito Bowl!

Step 2: Add Rice, Beans & Lettuce for your Base:

Lettuce shredded

Tomatoes diced

Beans: Black, Pinto, even Chickpeas can be awesome

Vegetarian Refried Beans

White or brown Minute Rice (or leftover rice)

Vegan Taco Filling Options: 

There are tons of plant-based filling options, and really–the skies the limit! We copy-cat some of our favorite restaurant fillings. Sometimes we go for just the classic filling of flavored ground “meat,” cheese, lettuce and tomato. Other times we go for really different ingredients. Literally–you can put almost anything in your tacos. Go nuts!

Oven roasted broccoli (400 degrees for 20 minutes)

Oven roasted artichokes (canned, drained and 400 degrees for 20 minutes)

Sundried tomatoes

Roasted squash (butternut works best, diced, and roasted 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes)

Cauliflower (400 degrees for 20 minutes)

Sauteed pepper and onion strips

Corn (frozen or canned)

Portobello mushrooms (sliced, sauteed with chipotle seasoning blend)

Black beans

Pinto beans

Vegetarian refried beans

Gardein or Beyond Meat crumbles, sauteed with chipotle and cumin seasonings, salt and pepper)

Vegan chorizo, like Upton’s Naturals or Field Roast Mexican Chipotle

Topping Ideas for Vegan Tacos:

Toppings are another area where the options are pretty limitless. There are so many amazing vegan cheese now, that you don’t have to stick with Daiya (although, that’s my favorite). Try some of the different cheeses in the plant-based section of your grocery store, or skip the cheese and go with avocado, hummus (roasted red pepper has kind of a nacho-like flavor) or any of the other awesome vegan taco topping ideas out there!

Daiya cheese (shreds or shredded block)

Sour Supreme



Black olives

Roasted red pepper hummus

Red onions

Taco sauce



Hot sauce (Cholula is the best!)

The thing I love about tacos is they are so adaptable and creative. You can make them unique by trying tons of different fillings, toppings and sauces. Mix and match. Find the vegan taco ideas you love and make it your regular, “taco night” treat!

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